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Guaranteed lifetime payment secured for an eleven-year-old girl from the Caribbean who was seriously injured after being struck by a van while crossing the street. The client sustained a fracture of the left wrist and underwent surgery to her knee and lower back.

New York Taxi Accident Attorney

Taxicab riders assume drivers take reasonable care to ensure passenger safety. New York state laws require taxi drivers to undergo specific training and abide by set standards and conditions of service. The New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission puts these laws in place to protect citizens from dangerous drivers. Unfortunately, drivers don’t always follow the rules. When a taxi driver’s negligence, recklessness, or intent to harm leads to a severe taxi accident, victims need to understand their rights.

Taxi Laws in New York

Like any other driver, a taxicab driver is prone to human errors and dangerous roadside conditions. Unlike other drivers, however, a taxi driver has an increased responsibility to ensure the safety of his or her passengers. As a public transportation service, taxis follow certain state-mandated rules in addition to typical driver rules. These special rules in New York include:
  • Licensing standards
  • Standards of safety and operational efficiency
  • Compliance with public policy in the design of vehicles
  • Standards for minimum insurance coverage
  • Standards for record-keeping and reporting
If a driver fails to obey any of these laws or typical safe driving laws, the courts can hold him or her responsible for consequent traffic accidents. Similar to other car accidents, a driver may be at fault for a crash if he or she was texting and driving, driving distracted, driving under the influence, or disregarding the rules of the road. Taxi drivers who engage in road rage driving behaviors, putting the lives of passengers at risk, are also negligent by law. If a taxi company fails to maintain the vehicles in its fleet properly, this can lead to negligence-based accidents. New York laws require taxi companies to uphold certain standards for vehicle condition. If a company shirks its duties and fails to maintain these standards, resulting in a crash, this would be a case of negligence. In any given taxi accident lawsuit, the victims may have a case of negligence, product liability, or wrongful death. Determining who is responsible is the first step toward obtaining compensation.

Who Is Responsible for a Taxi Accident?

It can be difficult to determine taxicab accident liability. In some cases, taxi drivers own their own cabs, making them individually liable for accidents they cause. In other cases, the owner rents the cab from a company, making both the driver and the company possibly responsible. The taxi company may own the vehicles and employ drivers, placing strict liability with the cab company. A parts malfunction could cause the accident, making the negligent manufacturer responsible. In the event of a parts malfunction, the plaintiff would have to prove fault with the cab company or the manufacturer. For example, if Yellow Cab’s maintenance crew inadequately checked the brake system on a vehicle, and that vehicle later causes an accident due to brake failure, the court may hold Yellow Cab responsible for the victim’s damages. If, however, a manufacturing company produced defective brakes that caused the accident, the victim may file a claim against the parts manufacturer. Taxi accidents can result in much the same injuries as other car accidents. However, taxis are more likely to have faulty seatbelts and airbags, and the partition between you and the driver could cause injury if the crash propels your body forward. No matter what your injuries look like after a taxi accident, speak with a local personal injury attorney right away for expert counsel.
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