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Guaranteed lifetime payment secured for an eleven-year-old girl from the Caribbean who was seriously injured after being struck by a van while crossing the street. The client sustained a fracture of the left wrist and underwent surgery to her knee and lower back.

New York Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Car accidents involving pedestrians always end with the pedestrian sustaining worse injuries than the driver. Pedestrian accidents by nature are severe and traumatic, often leading to crushing injuries, broken bones, internal bleeding, and permanent disability. Pedestrians frequently have the right-of-way in the five New York City boroughs, but many drivers negligently fail to yield at crosswalks and intersections. Pedestrians who suffer serious injury because of this negligence can look to the law for help. If you’ve been involved in a pedestrian accident, our Queens pedestrian accident lawyers can assure you receive the compensation you deserve and make sure whoever caused your injury is held liable for their negligence.

Rate of Pedestrian Accidents in New York

Thanks to New York City’s Pedestrian Safety Action Plan, fatal pedestrian accident rates have dropped in the last few years. Unfortunately, there will always be pedestrian accidents as long as distracted, reckless, and negligent drivers still exist on the roads. In 2014, the latest year data is available for New York, there were a total of 14,952 pedestrian/motor vehicle crashes. Thankfully, most were nonfatal, but 268 did result in pedestrian deaths (three resulted in driver deaths). As a result of these accidents, 15,428 people sustained injuries – the vast majority of them pedestrians. One of the most tragic factors in pedestrian death statistics is the number of children injured or killed annually in New York. In 2014, 2,307 children sustained injury and 19 passed away in pedestrian accidents. Due to human error and bad judgment, many drivers speed through school zones and residential neighborhoods, failing to care for the safety of children who may suddenly come from behind parked vehicles or disembark from school buses.

New York Pedestrian Laws

Both drivers and pedestrians have duties and responsibilities for safety in the city. New York City’s “See! Be Seen!” pedestrian safety campaign advocates best practices for people walking the streets of the city in hopes of decreasing the number of pedestrian accidents. According to New York’s driving laws, drivers must yield right-of-way to pedestrians if there is no traffic control signal – whether the pedestrian is on a crosswalk or not. Despite NYC safe driving laws, pedestrians still bear the brunt of driver irresponsibility and negligence. The majority of pedestrian accidents in New York occur when pedestrians are on a crosswalk, with a signal. However, the majority of pedestrian deaths occur when crossing with no signal and no crosswalk. No matter what the right-of-way rules are for each situation, the law requires motorists to take great care to avoid collisions with pedestrians. Many pedestrian accidents meet the threshold for what New York considers a serious injury, meaning they operate outside the no-fault accident rules. Typical pedestrian injuries in a vehicle collision are broken bones, especially in the legs and ankles, where the bumper strikes the body. Bone fractures are on the list of serious injuries, so these victims can file a claim against the defendant for the best chance of winning a settlement.

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If you believe you have a personal injury case, you have up to three years from the date of the accident to file a claim before New York’s statute of limitations expires. Pedestrian accidents can result in temporary or permanent disability. Don’t wait to seek medical attention, and don’t hesitate to contact an experienced injury attorney. As a pedestrian, you have certain rights when you’re involved in an accident. The New York injury lawyers at Omrani & Taub, can help you on your way to recovery. With several multi-million-dollar settlements won for our personal injury clients, we have what it takes to prove a driver’s negligence in a pedestrian accident case, in and out of the courtroom. You deserve fair compensation for your pain and suffering in a severe accident. Call (718) 714-1515 today to connect with our team.

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