Guaranteed lifetime payment secured for an eleven-year-old girl from the Caribbean who was seriously injured after being struck by a van while crossing the street. The client sustained a fracture of the left wrist and underwent surgery to her knee and lower back.


Secured for a Brooklyn man who sustained serious injuries while a passenger on a New York City Transit Authority bus when it was in an accident with a tractor trailer truck. The client sustained a separated left shoulder and torn ligaments as well as spinal injuries for which he underwent several surgeries.


Secured for the family of an “undocumented” Mexican laborer fatally injured at construction site.


Jury verdict secured for a Bangladeshi pedestrian who sustained serious injuries after being struck by a falling stop sign which was knocked over by a New York City Transit Authority vehicle as it was backing up.


Secured for the client who was injured in a supermarket slip and fall accident.


Secured for the client who was a driver injured in a bus-related accident.


Secured for a doctor who died in a motor vehicle accident which resulted from a defectively designed and constructed highway in the New York City metropolitan area.


Verdict for the driver of a rear-ended motor vehicle who sustained herniated discs, which resulted in the need for spinal surgery.


Secured for a student who tripped and fell during a fire drill.


Jury verdict in favor of a husband and wife who sustained soft tissue neck and back injuries in a car accident.


Verdict in favor of a woman who tripped and fell as she was attempting to enter an elevator in her own building.


Recovered for a Latin-American porter who was injured by malfunctioning elevator doors at a school in Westchester County. The porter’s knee was injured when he was struck by the closing elevator doors.


Settlement recovered on behalf of an eighteen-month-old girl who caught her finger in a folding chair while being supervised by her parents. The action was grounded in product liability and the defendants were the manufacturers and distributors of the chair.


Award in favor of a 7-year-old boy who was attacked by his friend’s Pitbull.


Recovered in a settlement for a middle-aged woman who slipped and fell on a lettuce leaf on the floor of a grocery store. She sustained knee injuries.


Secured for an unemployed White Plains Latina woman who was hit by a car, sustaining injuries.


Recovered for a middle-aged woman who tripped and fell over a cracked New York City sidewalk.


Recovered for a hair dresser who cut her hand as she was opening a glass vial. The vial that broke in her hand, causing the injuries, was proved to be defective in design.


Recovered for a man who cut his finger on a table saw while cutting frame wood at his brother’s house.

Confidential Settlement

Recovered on behalf of a Puerto Rican man who slipped and fell on snow and ice, fracturing his leg in two places.

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