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Guaranteed lifetime payment secured for an eleven-year-old girl from the Caribbean who was seriously injured after being struck by a van while crossing the street. The client sustained a fracture of the left wrist and underwent surgery to her knee and lower back.

New York Brain Injury Lawyer

Brain injuries are arguably the most devastating injuries an accident victim can suffer. When the brain strikes the inside of the skull, moves back and forth rapidly, or an outside object punctures it, the sensitive neurons sustain damage. These neurons are in charge of your body’s functions – physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, and perceptional. A brain injury can change the way we think, learn, and remember. It can create a complex array of problems and lifelong consequences.


New York has an annual average of about 19,000 hospitalizations due to traumatic brain injury (TBI) every year, with more than 2,000 deaths. The rate of hospitalization has increased almost 80% for New Yorkers since 2005. The risk of sustaining a traumatic brain injury is the greatest for young children and the elderly. The three leading causes (in order) of TBI are: All three of these leading causes can result from negligence, human error, or violence. Unsafe premises can lead to slips, trips, and falls, as can employer negligence and defective products. Construction workers, for example, can sustain a TBI if scaffolding collapses. If a property owner fails to provide safe premises for visitors, guests, or workers, resulting in a brain injury accident, the victim may sue under the laws of premises liability. Motor vehicle crashes are more often than not the result of driver error, roadway maintenance negligence, or parts malfunctions. Assaults, acts of violence, and intents to harm that result in brain damage are clearly personal injury cases as well as criminal cases. Each of the top three causes of TBI can be traced back to someone’s negligence, failure to act, or recklessness, requiring an experienced brain injury attorney to gather evidence. An attorney can prove a negligence case against the party responsible for your brain injury by taking photos of the scene of the accident, interviewing witnesses who saw you sustain the injury, and hiring a health care professional to testify to the extent of your brain injury and/or damage.

Types and Repercussions of Brain Injuries

The severity of a traumatic brain injury can range from mild to severe. Mild head injuries, such as concussions, may show symptoms such as headache, nausea, dizziness, and brief loss of consciousness. Many victims in accidents don’t realize they’ve suffered a mild TBI until later, when they feel delayed symptoms such as behavioral changes or problems sleeping. A mild TBI can occur in a car accident or other sudden impact and can take years to heal. Severe TBIs need immediate emergency treatment, with symptoms including extended loss of consciousness, memory loss, seizures, coma, and death. Severe TBIs such as contusions or penetration can be dire, and health repercussions are typically permanent. Functionality can be severely compromised. Victims may never regain the function(s) they lose, such as the ability to speak or walk. Victims of severe TBIs have to readjust their daily lives, making vehicle or home modifications for wheelchairs, hiring live-in help, and using medical equipment to survive – if they can ever leave the hospital. Comatose patients may never wake, or if they do, they may be mentally incapacitated forever. When someone else’s careless mistake leaves you or a loved one with temporary or permanent brain damage, seek the New York personal injury lawyers at Omrani & Taub, P.C., for help.

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