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Slip and fall accidents are among the most common injuries in America today, accounting for more than a million emergency room visits every year. Slip and fall injuries can include bone fractures, spinal trauma, traumatic brain injuries, and internal damage. Additionally, slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of missed days from work and workers’ compensation claims.

Anyone can slip, fall, and suffer an injury, but the type of injury and its severity will largely depend on how he or she falls. Falling injuries are very common in the construction industry and are a leading cause of accidental deaths. Older individuals are also more susceptible to slip and fall injuries and typically have a much harder time healing than younger folks do. If you’ve sustained an injury from a slip and fall accident, you need to know your rights if someone else is responsible for your accident. Our Queens slip and fall accident attorneys can help you prove negligence as well as help you receive the compensation you deserve.

What to do If you’ve been involved in a Slip & Fall Accident

After a slip and fall accident, it’s important to determine whether you believe your injury warrants a lawsuit. First, you must decide whether another party is truly to blame. If unsafe working conditions or poorly maintained property causes you to slip and fall (for instance, if you fall down broken or wet stairs), you more than likely have a case for negligence. Additionally, you must consider the severity of your injuries. A scuffed knee or stubbed toe isn’t exactly worthy of a judge’s time, and any minor injury that can be treated at home isn’t worthy of a lawsuit.

If you think that your injury is serious enough to warrant medical attention, seek it immediately and obtain a medical report of your injuries from your doctor. He or she should be able to determine the nature of your injury and any potential for future complications. Once you understand the full scope of your problem, you may decide that a lawsuit is the best course of action. Having a reliable slip and fall accident attorney in your corner will make the process much easier.

A slip and fall injury falls under the purview of personal injury law. Personal injury lawsuits hinge on the plaintiff’s (the person suing) ability to prove that the defendant (the person or party being sued) was negligent, causing the victim’s injuries. Proving negligence requires establishing three facts:

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Proving negligence can be difficult at times, and your case may depend on testimony from expert witnesses, full reports of your medical status and results of your injury, and eyewitness accounts of the incident that caused your injury. Navigating such cases is difficult, so make sure you retain the services of a reliable and experienced personal injury attorney.

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